jQuery 4 Beta

Just In – the jQuery 4 beta release introduces several major changes and improvements. Key highlights include dropping support for Internet Explorer versions older than 11 and other very old browsers.

llamafile: bringing LLMs to the people

Mozilla's latest innovation, "llamafile", is revolutionizing AI: a single-file solution that brings powerful large language models directly to your computer. This open-source breakthrough allows anyone to harness the capabilities of advanced AI, locally and independently of cloud services.

2024 Tech Predictions

Flying cars are still stuck in traffic, robots walk our dogs but refuse to pick up after them, and VR headsets now come with reality escape warnings. Who knew the future would be this whimsical?

No more, it's OnStar

GM ditched Apple CarPlay, and now even their cars are feeling 'core' dumped! Guess they couldn't 'sync' up after all.

Immersing in Gridiron Glory

As a die-hard New Orleans Saints fan, the NFL season is undoubtedly my ultimate vice. NFL Sunday Ticket now through YouTube has finally become my virtual playground. Live action, analysis, and content every Sunday. Touchdowns, interceptions, and the electric energy of fellow fans in the Dome all come alive, making every game a can't-miss spectacle for me.

OpenAI's Impact and Responsibility

It's clear that OpenAI's developments have ignited crucial and heated copyright debates. The cutting-edge models can, in my opinion, masterfully emulate human text, forcing us to confront the intricate web of content ownership and potential infringements. Striking a harmonious balance between AI's boundless web scrapping resources / innovation and safeguarding copyright integrity is undeniably important.

Digital Design Insight

The fundamental components of a webpage include text, colors, images, buttons, and spacing. My approach is to develop key elements and guidelines for the design systems I create. This always starts with headings and paragraphs. I like to employ tools like Figma to implement this approach, enabling me to make swift and consistent adjustments throughout the design that may or may not impact cascading elements.

Mobile Battle Royale

I'm holding onto my charging cables because a showdown is about to hit the stage via various keynotes this fall. The new iPhone 15 and Pixel 8 launches are coming. Apple fans are probably practicing their gasps, while Google Pixel enthusiasts are wondering what Google will cook up in with their obsession over picture quality. I don't think it will be a thriller, but I'll be here with my popcorn, ready for the show.

Navigating Chaos

The Bing Chatbot AI is an absolute disaster. I found that it consistently fails to grasp basic questions and provided nonsensical responses. Its lack of contextual understanding made interactions frustrating and confusing. Overall, a deeply disappointing experience.

Samsung Food AI

Guess what? Samsung has just cracked the ultimate dinner dilemma: What's on the menu, Bixby? Say hello to Samsung Food. Samsung has spiced things up with a dash of Food AI. samsungfood.com

Importance of Industry Experience

Industry experience as a crucial factor when selecting a software developer; it ensures that the developer comprehends the nuances of your specific business landscape and vertical market. Undoubtedly, it's essential to collaborate with someone who not only possesses technical prowess but also a strategic mindset. A multidisciplinary approach can significantly enhance the outcome and success of the final deliverable.

PayPal's Stablecoin

PayPal's launch of its stablecoin, PYUSD, is a fairly groundbreaking move that's set to transform payments. As a PayPal user, I'm excited about this innovative step. Backed by strong assets like U.S. dollar deposits, PYUSD promises stability and convenience. The seamless transfer between PayPal and external wallets, person-to-person payments, and purchase options are impressive.

Revving Up Conversations

Imagine General Motors and Google Cloud's chatbot, Dialogflow, teaming up in the automotive world – your car just got a tech-savvy buddy. GM's OnStar service getting a boost from an AI will be like having a helpful co-pilot on your road trips. "Hey car, where's the closest gas station?" and your car answers back. It's not just directions; this implementation can handle emergencies and even answer questions about the car's features.

Decoding The Price Puzzle

For the average business navigating custom software development pricing is like solving a puzzle. Remember, not one-size-fits-all. The trick? Knowing your budget and requirements upfront – it's a game-changer. Timelines, infrastructure, frameworks, added services, and unique features influence costs. My advice? Connect (hopefully with me), share a budget range, and get value for your investment.

Get All Shook Up

Unleash your inner hip-swiveling rockstar at the Elvis website. It's like a digital time machine that takes you back to the era of fabulous hair, swoon-worthy tunes, and rhinestone-studded everything. Warning: May cause unintended dance moves. elvisthemusic.com

I've determined HTMX is a fantastic tool for web development. The emphasis on progressive enhancement strikes a perfect balance between modern interactivity and traditional web principles. The library's ability to dynamically update content without sacrificing accessibility or search engine visibility is truly commendable. By seamlessly integrating into existing projects and simplifying the process of creating interactive web applications, HTMX empowers developers to craft user experiences that are both engaging and inclusive. A+

Retirement Party

Seems like Microsoft is giving Visual Studio for Mac a one-way ticket to the retirement home. Say goodbye to that old pair of sneakers – they served us well, but it's time for some shiny new ones. Fear not, Mac devs, we can still rock the coding world with VS Code and all those cool cross-platform bells and whistles.

Photoshop AI

Just tried out the new Photoshop AI features, and wow, mind blown! The level of automation and precision is incredible. It's like having a creative superpower in your hands. The Generative Fill feature is amazing!

The Magic of QR Codes

Ever wondered how those cryptic patterns work like magic? QR codes hold secrets, unlocking a world of convenience and possibilities. @DanHollick decodes the mystery! Learn More »

YouTube Stories Killed

Another day, another product killed by Google. This time it's YouTube Stories. Seems like they can't resist axing their own creations. ☠️

Apple AR/VR

Excited about Apple's new AR/VR headset, but the struggle of learning to code for yet another platform is real! However, the potential for immersive experiences and cutting-edge innovation keeps me motivated.

The Arc Browser

I recently discovered Arc Browser and it's an incredible tool for organizing and browsing the web! Sleek interface, seamless navigation, and customizable features make it my current must-have.

WDN Web Docs

WDN Web Docs play a huge and vital role in shaping our digital landscape. I don't understand why I don't reference it as much as I should, but from HTML to CSS, JavaScript to accessibility, they've empowered developers with essential knowledge.

The Power of Planning

It's easy for client project planning, design/development scheduling, networking, continuing education, personal branding, and technology experiments to get ignored or undervalued due to current deadlines and unforeseen client emergencies. I personally map, plan, and do personal inventory every Friday afternoon with the hopes of staying focused. "Plan for what it is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small.

Domain Names, My Only Vice

I admit it. I'm an addict. I constantly feel the need to register domain names just to redirect them to my main website brandennnichols.com. Case in point, I've made four more 2AM purchases – nashvilleappdeveloper.com nashvillemobiledeveloper.com nashvillewebsitedeveloper.com nashvilleweb3developer.com


I've never gotten much out of the in-person WWDC experience – education, tools, networking opportunities, etc. and I don't see that changing anytime soon. That being said, I will defiantly binge content on the Apple Developer app.

TikTok for Search?

Is TikTok's popularity among Gen Z for search (Vs Google) symbolic of a lack of diverse interests? I've run my own tests and mimicked Wired's Lauren Goode's experiment in spending a week using only TikTok for search. Try to find a coffee shop location, a business review, a definition of a word and/or phrase and you will be throughly disappointed – no angry. With that being said, I see the mindless entertainment factor and how people could get lost in the endless scroll of cat videos.

Adobe Document API

As an Adobe Certified Expert, I've built many dynamic documents and reports for client web and mobile applications. Last week I finally had the opportunity (by client request) to use the Adobe Document Generation API to merge data from multiple CRM SQL calls to create a final PDF document formatted perfectly based on a predesigned template. Highly recommend for use in both web and mobile projects. πŸ“„πŸ“Š

Nostr, A Quick Review

Nostr (Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays) at it's core is flat out Awesome. I've spent the last couple of weeks following the white rabbit and the concepts of relays and owning your data are unique and, frankly, outstanding. There's a bit of a hurdle getting started, the "conversation" is lacking, and most clients are clunky (minus Damus for iOS), but I'm bullish on a future with Nostr. It definitely deserves your attention. Learn More »

Sky Defender for WatchOS

Took some effort, but Sky Defender is now running on WatchOS 9. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Tons of lessons learned in dealing with touch radiuses!

iOS Application Preview

A busy few weeks of building/upgrading client database architecture and general DBA duties, but here’s a quick preview of the new Branden Nichols iOS app. Some minor preflight testing before submitting to the AppStore. Clients will be able to track tasks, tickets, notes, invoices, and more!

Free Phone Consultation

Book a phone consultation to ask me about anything! If you'd like to see if I'm a good fit for your digital project before we build formal requirements, book a 15 minute phone consultation with me to discuss your goals and get your questions answered. During our consultation, you will receive a 20% off discount towards any awesome digital product I design + build. Book Now »

More Machine Learning

Fascinating results of the Machine Learning (ML) Python script I quickly wrote a few weeks ago. πŸ”₯ Bring back the long hair circa February 2022?

Algorithms 101

Are custom algorithms that control what we view and interact with mystical, complex and/or proprietary? Not necessarily, just datapoints with human adjustments and weighted values. A simple peek behind the curtain.

Google Live from Paris

Just realizing the Google Live from Paris event starts Wednesday at 7:30 AM locally. 🚨 Alert – adjust calendars accordingly.

SRM Concrete 2023

Requirements scrum meeting. Big things and chanllenging feature rich projects to come! πŸ’ͺ

Crash Report

It's been a productive week of debugging, refining, and refactoring code – all the little items that go unnoticed by users the weeks following a launch. My goal is to always have 0 crashes, but seeing it on App Store Connect always brings me joy.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is finally getting a little interesting. These are the results of a quick Python script I cooked up a few weeks ago. Of course, there will be more to come. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Custom Pillows

An old mentor of mine once said, "If you can't find it, make it". New custom brandennichols.com pillows for the office lounge. Dedication to β€œThe Brand” in 2023.

Inspiring Illustrations

Amazing work by Aleksey Rico. The work done for The Thing board game is inspiring. The illustrations are second to none and the project is rattled with easter eggs. Definitely made me smile. Keep up the awesome work Aleksey. Enjoy »

Twitter Verified

Has the Twitter user experience improved, since being "verified"? Short answer, yes. There is far less bots and spam making it into my feed and DMs. My follower count has taken a hit, but I've never put much value in the follower metric as a determination of audience size and reach. Over the last several weeks, topic trends have improved slightly, but both search and trending platform functionality need some work. Thoughts? DM Me »

Sports Analytics

Spring is always a great time to be a sports fan and numbers geek. The abundance of sports odds apis that have cropped up over recent years has got my inner data scientist jumping with joy. Needless to say, I've gone down the deep rabbit hole of building my own Python desktop client that interacts with the awesome "The Odds API". API Docs »

Project Launch

It's taken a great deal of hard work, building of APIs, redevloping UI/UX interactions, and retooling code, but Version 2.0 of the SRM Concrete iOS and Android universal mobile application is complete. Download »