I'm a certified Google Android & Cloud Platform Developer, Apple iOS & Mac Developer, Amazon AWS & Alexa Developer, Adobe Certified Expert, and Salesforce Platform Developer.

While working with such diverse brands as Tabasco, Bridgestone Corporation, Community Coffee Company, Vanderbilt University, PepsiCo, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Saint Thomas Health, Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation, and SRM Concrete; I've earned a reputation for delivering technology solutions that achieve measurable results.

iOS & Android Application

Not just another marketing mobile application that duplicates the same content here on the website. The Branden Nichols iOS & Android universal mobile application is a client only application and allows clients to login, collaborate, create tasks, track tickets, add notes, view historical invoices, and much more.

The Bing Chatbot AI is an absolute disaster. I found that it consistently fails to grasp basic questions and provided nonsensical responses. Its lack of contextual understanding made interactions frustrating and confusing.
10/2/2023 11:06 AM

I help clients achieve remarkable results by implementing a proven process. Through collaborative partnerships, I develop impactful product solutions that drive tangible outcomes.



I'm a strategic thinker, interface designer, consultant, and software developer that creates technology solutions to solve real world problems.

I tailor my services to each and every client, ensuring the best possible outcome. Whether it's B2B or DTC, I have the tools and skillset required for delivering measurable results.

I thrive in helping organizations understand how software can optimize performance, remove redundancy, streamline processes, and boost bottom lines. I'm based in the Southeast, but regularly work with companies throughout the United States.

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Website Development • Mobile Application Development • Information Architecture • User Interface Design • User Experience Design • CMS Integration • ML & AI Development • Ecommerce

Creative Services

Creative Ideation • Graphic Design • Content Creation • Design Systems • Brand Standards


Blockchain Development • NFT & Digital Asset Engineering • ERC-20 Token Implementation • ICO • Smart Contract Deployment

Strategic Services

Brand Strategy & Planning • Analytics • Brand Tracking • Dashboard Development • Reporting • Qualitative Research

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