I'm an experienced business strategist, designer, developer, and seasoned technical engineer who has methodically delivered complex digital products and online branding initiatives for traditional businesses, internet start-ups, and mobile applications. I have a B.S in Consumer Marketing Strategy from the Culverhouse College of Business at The University of Alabama. I'm originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and enjoy spending my time trail running and building my own personal creative projects.


I'm a certified Google Android & Cloud Platform Developer, Apple iOS & Mac Developer, Amazon AWS & Alexa Developer, Adobe Certified Expert, and Salesforce Platform Developer.

While working with such diverse brands as Tabasco, Bridgestone Corporation, Community Coffee Company, Vanderbilt University, PepsiCo, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Saint Thomas Health, Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation, and SRM Concrete; I've earned a reputation for delivering technology solutions that achieve measurable results.

I've earned awards from Fast Company Magazine, Inc. Magazine, and Yahoo! Tech. I've guest lectured at several university departments, including Vanderbilt University and Western Kentucky University, and have been a contributor to a number of respected entrepreneur websites, including and CNN Business 2.0.

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Product Hunt's Golden Kitty Awards has become a yearly tradition of mine and an overwhelming deep-dive into the great, the inspirational, and ludicrous. Of course, there are the occasional head scratching moments in analyzing the crazy ideas folks try to bring to market.
Fri Jan 14
"When we can't think for ourselves, we can always quote" Wittgenstein. "We learn by rearranging what we know."
Wed Dec 22
Even in 2021, I'm still inspired by the gritty thoughtful text based design philosophy and implementation of Nathan Bell on seemingly under the radar high-tech performance running gear from Nike Running
Wed Dec 22
Ran across an informative video on how to setup TensorFlow and Miniforge for deep learning with TensorFlow. Once again, Youtube for the win!
Wed Dec 22

Licenses & Certifications

  • ASMBA has worked with Branden Nichols more than fifteen years. He is experienced, knowledgeable, and has always been patient.  He understands the importance of sometimes working with a team to deliver the best product to the client. When Branden gives you a completion date, he meets it.  Branden is a consummate professional in every way. Cheryl Stone - VP, Armed Services Mutual Benefits Association

  • Initially we had a fairly large mountain to climb in developing our mobile ticket exchange application, but with Branden's help we managed to create something great – a platform that paves the way for a new kind of interaction. James Whales - Founder, Ticketly

  • Branden Nichols is passionate and smart. He goes out of his way to make the whole experience of developing a mobile app and website an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Brian Burgdorf - President, Defiance Fuel Brands

  • Branden Nichols did an outstanding job on the design and development of our website, customer portal and mobile applications. He helped us get the best value out of our budget and was open to our continuous feedback and challenging requirements. Jeremy Etheridge - Director of Marketing, SRM Concrete

  • Branden’s skill and expertise in software development is self evident. The finished product was the envy of our competitors and customers. His technical expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to understanding all of our business systems was vital. Davis Bell - Principle, Trammell Bell